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2015 Omnicane Award Briefing Session

A briefing session in view of the 2015 Omnicane Award was held at the Bonâme Hall, Mauritius Cane Industry Authority, Réduit, on Thursday 5 March 2015.

Some 260 Form V and VI students from more than 30 colleges attended this briefing session during which Mr Jacques Dinan, Omnicane Award Coordinator, informed them of the theme of this year’s edition which is “A critical review of the role of sports in today’s Mauritian society. How best can we instil and promote its associated ethos in fostering responsible citizenship and in cementing nation building ties?

Mr Jacques Dinan explaining to the students present the rules and regulations of the 2015 Omnicane Award.

Mr Dinan clearly explained to the students and their teachers the rules and regulations of the projects to be submitted. He also answered their questions about the submissions of the projects.

The Omnicane Award Coordinator stressed on the fact that no more than four teams from one college can enter the competition. He added that the Microsoft PowerPoint presentations must be between 20 to 30 slides and the font to be at least 24 points. Mr Dinan also mentioned that each project should be the result of a real team work of all five students of each team. He also said that a print out of the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation must be submitted and this should be of one slide per page either in black or white or in colour. He mentioned that a work diary has also to be submitted as a recap of the team work on a daily basis which can include the persons whom the team members will have interviewed.

As for prizes, Mr Dinan informed that the winning team will receive the Omnicane Award trophy and each member Rs 20 000 and a souvenir trophy. As for the runner-up team, each member will receive Rs 8 000 and a souvenir trophy. Special prizes might also be attributed upon recommendation of the jury. All the prizes will be offered by Omnicane.

The jury is composed of :

  • Mr Michael Glover, CVO – CEO, Trust Fund for Excellence in Sports (TFES) – Chairperson of the jury
  • Mrs Josiane Nairac Boullé - Chairperson, organising committee of the second African Cadets Athletics Championships of the African Confederation of Athletics– Mauritius, 23-26 April 2015
  • Mr Daniel Capiron – Member -  'High Level Sports Unit,' Ministry of Youth & Sports.

The Omnicane Award Coordinator mentioned that those selected for an oral presentation of their projects will have to do it in front of the members of the jury and that the winning team will have to do an oral presentation on the day of the award ceremony.

Mr Dinan also informed the students present that their projects should be duly endorsed by the rector / principal of their college. He added that the projects should be submitted by hand at Omnicane Anglo-Mauritius House, 7th Floor, Port-Louis. (Tel: 212 3251; fax: 211 7093) on Tuesday 10 June 2014 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The Omnicane Award Coordinator thanked all those who attended this briefing session and wished them best of luck for their projects.