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2021 Omnicane Award Rules and Regulations

Inter-College Project Competition


“Health is a Nation’s most valuable wealth. How to adopt a holistic approach towards healthcare and wellbeing in Mauritius over the next decade to effectively tackle the high prevalence of diabetes and its associated chronic complications so as to reduce its socio-economic impacts on the country?”

Call for Entries

  1. The inter-college project competition is organised by Omnicane Foundation in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology.
  2. Teams participating in the competition are expected to produce an online PowerPoint presentation to support a 15-minute oral presentation on the abovementioned theme and be prepared to make the oral presentation using appropriate supporting web tools, should the team be shortlisted to do so by the Jury. Online presentation dates, as applicable, will be set by Omnicane Foundation.
  3. The competition is open to all registered colleges of the Republic of Mauritius but limited to pupils of Grade 11 (ex-Form V) and Grades 12 & 13 (ex-Lower and Upper VI) (or equivalent).
  4. Each project shall be prepared by a team of FIVE students, one of whom shall be the Team Leader. Teams composed of more than, or less than, FIVE members will not be allowed to participate. Teamwork is expected to be online, as such relevant bookkeeping to be done for submission with the relative project annexures
  5. Projects should reflect the combined and joint effort of all five members of the respective teams. A college may enter more than one team but shall not enter more than FOUR (4) teams.
  6. No student shall be allowed to be a member of more than one team. 
  7. With the objective of promoting a paperless competition and endorsing social-distancing, all projects shall be exclusively worked and submitted online; including research related discussions/interviews
  8. Each team shall submit the following five (5) files to be prepared in English:
    • A 15-minutes-long presentation on the theme of the competition in Microsoft PowerPoint format. (Maximum size: 8 MB)
    • A copy of the PowerPoint presentation in PDF format. (Maximum size: 1 MB)
    • An abstract, in pdf format, of the team’s key findings, proposals and recommendations. The abstract should be between 750 and 1 000 words in length. (Maximum size: 1 MB) 
    • A E-WORK DIARY, in pdf format. The Work Diary shall describe the online work strategy of the team and list all online interviews with dates in chronological order together with an indication of what was gained therefrom. Any support or facilitation provided by a member of the college staff with regard to online interviews shall be mentioned in the Work Diary. (Maximum size: 1 MB)
    • A cover letter, in pdf format, signed by the Rector/Principal to endorse the project. (Maximum size: 1 MB)
  9. Indications concerning the PowerPoint slide show:
    • There shall be a minimum of 20 slides and a maximum of 30 slides, inclusive of the opening slide as well as of those used for photographs, graphics, videos, etc.;
    • The opening slide shall include the Project Title, the College name and the names of the five participants, the name of the Project Leader being first on the list;
    • The slides shall be properly numbered; and
    • The font-size of texts on slides shall be at least 24 points.
  10. The PowerPoint slide show may include a MAXIMUM of TWO (2) videos. Each video shall not be longer than THIRTY (30) seconds. Students are advised not to embed the videos in their PowerPoint slide show in order not to increase the size of the PPT file beyond the limits specified in 8a. above. Instead, videos may be uploaded on YouTube as hidden files, so that they may not be accessed publicly, and appropriate links included on the PPT slides.
  11. On the basis of the projects entered by the participants, the jury will decide which teams should be invited to make an oral presentation of their project on the theme of the competition while using Microsoft PowerPoint facilities and online platforms
  12. Each short-listed team will be invited to make an oral presentation of its project in the virtual presence of the jury.
  13. The results of the project competition will be announced during the prize-giving ceremony, to be organised during the month of November / December 2021.
  14. The winning team will be expected to make the oral e-presentation of their project at the end of the prize-giving ceremony.
  15. Marks will be allotted on the following basis to short-list the best teams:
    • Scope and methodology of research work involved (based on work diary and contents of Abstract and PowerPoint slide show)........................................................... 25
    • PowerPoint slides (restitution of main ideas, organisation of sections, and visual characteristics of graphs and illustrations)...........................................................25
    • Understanding of issues posed, project approach and informative & practical value of comments and proposals (based on quality of contents, flow of ideas and innovative features)...........................................................50
  16. The short-listed teams will be marked for their oral presentation.
    Marks will be attributed for:-
    • Presentation and communication skills, and cyber skills including articulation and use of available online tools;
    • Visual support, including content of slides and their relevance;
    • Key findings;
    • Proposals and recommendations.
  17. The decision of the jury shall be final and shall not be contested and/or changed.
  18. Participants are allowed to interview people and to collect information for the preparation of their project, using the web and other communication devices only, but they should not in any way be helped in its planning, drafting and presentation. They will lose marks, or be disqualified, if, in the opinion of the jury, they have received undue assistance from their teachers or from outsiders and engaged in physical-social contact.
  19. The Jury will be composed of:
    • Mr Pierre Dinan (Chairperson)
      Company Director for a number of public companies in the manufacturing and financial services sectors. He has been a Senior Partner at De Chazal du Mée (DCDM) for 20 years until he retired in June 2004. He was also a Director of Multiconsult, a global business management services company, for 12 years until 2004.  He was the founder Chairman of the Mauritius Institute of Directors. He has served, for several years, as an independent member of the Monetary Policy Committee set up under the Bank of Mauritius Act. Mr Dinan holds a BSc in Economics and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. He has published three books on the economy of Mauritius, and he is a regular contributor to the local press on economic and financial issues.
    • Mr Ashok Kalleechurn, M.S.K.
      Medical consultant of Omnicane. He is the Team Leader of Posititive Attitude to Total Health, a Non-governmental Organisation. He leads a team of 70 Medical and Para- Medical Professionals doing medical screening around the island. He is also a lecturer on ‘Diabetes and its Complications’ and provides stress management courses. He is the Health Consultant/Coordinator in the Project Fighting Diabetes at Workplace currently being undertaken at Omnicane. He has been decorated by the Government of Mauritius in 2015 as M.S.K for Social Services in the Medical Field. He has been the Public Relations Officer of the Mauritius Heart Foundation from 1979 to 1999.
    • Dr Aveeraj Peedoly
      Research Coordinator at the Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC). He is sociologist by training. He heads the Centre for Applied Social Research and is also responsible for the Social Innovation Programme of the Council.  Former laureate and Commonwealth Doctoral Scholar, he has acquired a wide experience of undertaking Government-commissioned social research studies and social research consultancy work on national social issues.  He also manages a wide portfolio of social innovation and research grant projects funded by the Council.  He is a member of the Mahatma Gandhi Institute / Rabindranath Tagore Institute Council and also represents the MRIC on a number of national platforms and advisory committees.

    Prizes offered by Omnicane Foundation will be as follows:-
    First prize:

    • To the college winning the competition: The Omnicane Challenge Trophy.
    • To the pupils forming part of the winning team: A total cash prize of Rs 100 000 (i.e. Rs 20 000 to each member of the team).

    Second prize:

    • A total cash prize of Rs 40 000 (i.e. Rs 8 000 to each pupil forming part of the team).

    Third prize:

    • A total cash prize of Rs 10 000 (i.e. Rs 2 000 to each pupil forming part of the team).
  20. Members of all participating teams will receive a Certificate of Participation.
  21. All projects including the endorsement letter (in pdf format) signed by the Rector/Principal shall be submitted online at the following address: www.omnicane.com/2021omnicaneaward
    Online submission will be open as from Friday 17th September 2021. Participants are advised to submit their projects as early as possible to avoid last minute rush.
    Closing date: Friday 24th September 2021
    The organising committee shall not accept projects submitted after the due submission date.
  22. Briefing Sessions:

To download the Omnicane Award rules and regulations (PDF file), click here.