Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are we, participants, expected to do?

    You are expected to produce a PowerPoint presentation to support a 15 minute oral presentation on the theme of the competition and submit it to the organisers of the competition.
  2. What else do we have to submit?

    In addition to the PowerPoint presentation in ppt or pptx format, you must submit a pdf version of your PowerPoint presentation as well as an abstract of your project and a Work Diary.
  3. Why are we requested to submit a pdf version of the PowerPoint presentation?

    Since the pdf format is a soft print of your PowerPoint presentation, it is an essential document in providing the organisers with a copy of your original overall slide show.
  4. What do we include in the abstract of our project?

    The abstract, which should be between 750 and 1 000 words in length, is a self-contained, short, and powerful statement that describes your project. It may include your team’s key findings, proposals and recommendations.
  5. Why do we have to submit an abstract of our project?

    The Jury will mark all projects on the basis of all the documents submitted by the various teams. The abstracts will help the members of the Jury decide whether they should or should not listen to any given team. Only shortlisted teams will be given the opportunity of making the oral presentation.
  6. What is the Work Diary?

    The Jury needs to know how you have been working as a team to tackle the theme of the competition and come up with your project. The Work Diary shall therefore describe the work strategy of the team and list all visits and interviews with dates in chronological order together with an indication of what was gained at therefrom. Any support or facilitation provided by a member of the college staff with regard to interviews and visits shall be mentioned in the Work Diary.
  7. When shall we make the oral presentation?

    After going very attentively through all the projects submitted, the members of the Jury will shortlist the best teams to make the oral presentation. These shortlisted teams will be informed in due time and they will be invited to make their oral presentation in the presence of the Jury.
  8. Our college has no SC and HSC classes. Can we participate?

    Yes, provided that your college has classes that are equivalent to either SC or HSC levels.
  9. We are four very good friends and would like to participate as a team. Can we?

    This is a good opportunity for you to have a fifth friend to join your group. As a participating team, you must be five (5) members. No less! No more!
  10. Can we participate as an independent team?

    No. Only teams representing registered colleges of the Republic of Mauritius can participate.
  11. In our college, more than four teams have expressed the wish to participate. Can we all participate?

    It is the responsibility of your college to identify the four teams that should participate in this competition to represent your college. A maximum of four teams per college will be allowed to participate.
  12. Our college intends to be represented by the maximum of four teams. How do you identify the different teams?

    When participants will submit their respective projects, they will have to indicate the name of the College, the address of the College, the surname, name and Student ID of each member of the team. These will facilitate the identification of each and every team. Each participating team will also have to indicate the Team or Project Leader. His or her name sill have to be first on the list.
  13. Do we need to include the above information on our PowerPoint presentation?

    Yes certainly. On your opening slide, you must include the following: Project Title, the College name and the names of the five participants, the name of the Team or Project Leader being first on the list.
  14. Is there a limit to the file size of the PowerPoint slide show?

    Yes it should not exceed 8 MB.
  15. What about if we include videos in our PowerPoint slide show?

    You may include a maximum of two videos, each one being no longer than 30 seconds. In order not to increase the size of your PowerPoint file and exceed the limit of 8 MB, you are advised to post your videos on YouTube as hidden files, so that they may not be accessed publicly. Do make sure that you insert the appropriate links on the PPT slides.
  16. How do we post videos on YouTube as hidden files?

    When you click “Upload” on YouTube, a privacy setting menu appears alongside the “Select files to upload” button. Before picking your video file, open the “Privacy” drop-down menu and pick “Unlisted”. Note the link to the video and insert that link in your PowerPoint presentation so that the members of the Jury may access your video and watch it. Note that an unlisted video means your video will not come up in search results or on your channel either. Only those who know the link can view it, and you can share the link with anyone, even those who do not have a YouTube account/username.

    Important: Do make sure that you do not choose “Private” in the “Privacy” drop-down menu. This would prevent members of the Jury from accessing your video.

    You may refer to the following link for more details:
  17. Is there a limit to the file size of the other documents to be submitted?

    Yes. The file size of each of the four other documents should not exceed 1 MB.
  18. Some people are reluctant to give us interviews and respond to our questions. Can Omnicane help us?

    Whenever you call somebody to get an appointment for an interview, do mention that you are participating in the 2017 Omnicane Award Inter-College Competition. Ask your Rector/Principal to give you a letter certifying your participation in the competition. Your teacher may also help you get such appointments. When somebody gives you an appointment, do make sure that you arrive on time. Punctuality is a must. It shows respect for the person who have accepted to meet you.
  19. When should we submit our project?

    The submission page will be opened on Friday 17th September 2021. It will remain open until Friday 24th September 2021. This gives you a total of 7 days during which you can submit your project. This will consist in filling the required information and uploading all the files.

    The time you will need to complete the submission will depend upon a number of factors including the speed of your Internet connection, your computer facilities, the size of your files, among others.

    You are therefore advised to submit your project as early as possible once the submission page is available for you to do the needful. You will not be able to submit your project after the closing date.
  20. Do we have the possibility of submitting our project on a CD-Rom?

    No. All projects must be exclusively submitted online. The organisers will not accept projects submitted on CD-Rom or by any other means.