Omnicane Integrated Online Report



The Board of Directors affirms its commitment to providing strong leadership and independent judgement for complying with all legal and regulatory requirements and ensuring long-term success of the organisation. To the best of the knowledge of its Board of Directors, Omnicane has complied with most of the requirements of the Code. This report is available on Omnicane’s website:

of Director's

The Directors confirm that they have complied with the below requirements in preparing the financial statements:
• keep adequate accounting records;
• select suitable accounting policies and estimates and then apply them consistently;
• make judgments and estimates that are reasonable and prudent;
• state whether International Financial Reporting Standards have been followed and complied with, subject to any material departures being disclosed and explained in the notes to financial statements; and
• prepare the financial statements on a going-concern basis unel ss it is inappropriate to presume that the Company and any of its subsidiaries will continue in business.

The Directors also confirm that most of the requirements of the Code of Corporate Governance 2016 has been adhered to. Reasons have been provided where there has not been compliance. The Directors are responsible for safeguarding the assets of the Company and the Group, and hence for the implementation and operation of accounting and internal control systems that are designed to prevent and detect fraud and errors, and of an effective risk management system.