Omnicane Integrated Online Report

& Outlook


Some 11,369 tonnes
of cement additive were
produced during the year.

Our two power plants at La Baraque and St Aubin respectively operate with the main objective of providing end users with sufficient, consistent and uninterrupted energy supply. As Independent Power Producers, our power plants accounted for 21% of the total electricity production in Mauritius over the review period.


With the decreasing area of cultivated land, the strategic objective of our agricultural operations is to maximise cane and sugar yields at Britannia and Mon Trésor through good agricultural practices. We are also committed to implement sound sustainability practices in our fields in order to align with customer and regulatory requirements. With 196,097 tonnes of sugarcane harvested from 2,394 hectares of land in 2018, we represent some 8.5% of the island’s total sugarcane production.

Britannia has been the best performer
island-wide in terms of average cane yield and sugar yield in the last few years.

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Sugar Milling

With rising customer expectations for sustainable supply,
the sugar factory is now aiming for Bonsucro certification by early September 2019.

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The main strategic objective of our ISO 22000 certified sugar factory is to continue being a reliable supplier of plantation white sugar to our refinery, of molasses to our bioethanol distillery and of bagasse to our cogeneration power plant.

Sugar Milling

With a BRC A grade certification, our sugar refinery’s strategic objective is to produce high-quality refined sugar to meet our customers’ requirements. As a means to realise global presence on key markets and world competitiveness, we are aiming at product and packaging flexibility to better satisfy our customers’ needs.

With the help of De Smet consultants, our refinery implemented a major process improvement that
increased its annual production capacity to 260,000 tonnes.

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This marked the best operation performance,
since its inception in 2013, arising from adequate availability of molasses throughout the year.

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With its double ISO 22000 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications, our distillery’s strategic objective is to produce and deliver high-quality bioethanol to its clients, whilst ensuring a stable and sufficient supply of molasses.


The strategic objective of our logistics operations is to optimise transport services for sister companies and external clients whilst reducing operating costs. We are thus committed to making use of an adequate and well-maintained fleet of vehicles.

For the 2019 crop season,
Omnicane Logistics has already secured additional transport of 80,000 tonnes of chopped sugarcane from Mon Désert.

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Holiday Inn
Mon Trésor

The mission for progressing in the upcoming years
is to position Holiday Inn Mon Trésor among the best IHG hotels in the AMEA (Asia, Middle East and Africa) region.

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The strategic objective of Holiday Inn Mon Trésor, is to exceed guest expectations by providing an affordable, warm and enriching experience and to be a trustworthy business meeting venue in the Southern region of Mauritius.


The strategic objective of our property development consists in “building to sell and building to lease” a range of profitable, harmonious and sustainable properties on selected land over the next 15 years, in support of Omnicane’s overall business objectives.

The MTBG building has been accredited as a 4-star Green Star building
on design and construction by the Green Building Council of South Africa.

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