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Mr MARRIER D'UNIENVILLE Jacques Philippe Henri, GOSK

Jacques M d'Unienville
Chief Executive Officer

Appointed to the Board in 2001

Jacques M. d’Unienville holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce. Prior to joining Société Usinière du Sud (SUDS) as Chief Executive Officer in 2005, he was the Managing Director of Société de Traitement et d’Assainissement des Mascareignes. He has held office as Chief Executive Officer of MTMD (now Omnicane Limited) as from 1 April 2007. He is the Chairperson of Omnicane Thermal Energy Operations (La Baraque) Limited and Omnicane Thermal Energy Operations (St Aubin) Limited, Omnicane Milling Operations Limited and is a director of The Real Good Food Company plc, Southern Cross Tourist Co Ltd and The Union Sugar Estates Co. Ltd.

He is a board member of several sugar-sector institutions in Mauritius and was the president of the Mauritius Sugar Producers Association in 2015.