Omnicane’s new sugar brand could not be more Mauritian!

Dina Sugar is the new brand name for Omnicane’s retail sugar business, with eye-catching designs by Vaco Baissac on the packaging. It replaces Kara Sucre and gives consumers the same high quality, locally manufactured and packed Mauritian sugar inside highly colorful recyclable packaging.

‘Dina’ comes from Dina Arobi, the name Arab sailors gave to Mauritius thousands of years ago. The decision to choose this name came naturally to Omnicane, as it is intrinsically linked to Mauritius and its sugarcane history.

Vaco Baissac, one of the most famous artists in Mauritius, was delighted to participate in the design of the new packaging along with Listen Creative from the UK. A year ago, he created two original designs for Omnicane’s white and raw sugar sticks. These are widely available across the island and the designs are a great talking point over a cup of tea or coffee! The new Dina Sugar design is inspired by these sugar sticks and will also be applied to new products as the range increases.

Dina Sugar

The new packaging of Dina Sugar

“Distribution to the traditional trade and supermarkets has now started and consumer reaction to the innovative designs has been excellent so far. Plans are also in place to export the new brand of sugars in the near future, and with our strong local identity, no one could mistake where this sugar comes from!” says Peter Hough, Sugar Development Executive at Omnicane.

For more information, please contact Omnicane Tel : +230 660 0600