Omnicane at a Glance


Omnicane Limited, incorporated in 1926, is a public company on the Official List of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius. We are a leader of the modern sugarcane industry born of Mauritius’s centuries-old sugar industry.

Our primary activity consists in the cultivation of sugarcane and the production of refined sugar, bioethanol, thermal energy, and electricity.

We pride ourselves on our unique systemic ability to carry out those productions in integration, with resulting optimal efficiency and minimal waste.

Logistics and haulage are an integral part of our primary operations, while judicious property planning and development is central to the strength and growth of our business.


Mauritius is our home and Africa our natural choice for further expansion in the sugarcane industry and the production of electricity from renewable sources. Taking forward our vertical integration, we also have a sizeable interest in marketing of sugar and its value added products in the United Kingdom.


To be an inspiration for sustainable development in our operations.


We strive to make the utmost  sustainable use of the natural resources at our disposal, for the benefit of all.


We value and cultivate:

  • Expertise and vision, innovation and know-how, research and enterprise as a business operator;
  • Inclusiveness, fairness, and the development of personal potential as an employer;
  • Transparency and openness in our dealings with all our stakeholders;
  • Integrity above all else.
Sustainability Engagement

In living up to our vision and mission, we strive to profoundly research, develop and operate to meet the needs of today without compromising those of the future. We consciously operate for the benefit of people, planet and prosperity by:

  • Being a responsible corporate citizen, valuing our people, engaging constructively with our local communities and actively supporting numerous local and national NGOs
  • Developing our collective ecoconsciousness to promote cleaner production and judicious use of natural resources
  • Embracing sound business models to develop resilience and achieve long term growth.

KEY FIGURES (for the year ended 31 Dec 2013)

4.10 Billion334 MILLION287 MILLION3.45 RUPEES2.50 RUPEES52.5

Cane HarvestedTone of cane crushedRefined sugarElectricityRenewable direct materialsShareholding in Real Good Food companyEmployeesMaterials Transported