COP28 Participation

COP28 Participation

Climate change is a pressing global crisis that transcends national boundaries, requiring international cooperation and concerted efforts from everyone.

The United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP28) held in November 2023, in Dubai, called for the World to unite for a common goal – Climate Action – to save our planet.

Omnicane was part of the Mauritian delegation through Mr Jacques d’Unienville, CEO, Mr Jerome Jaen, CEO of Agro Industry and Energy and Mr Rajiv Ramlugon, Group Chief Sustainability Officer. Our representatives actively participated in important panel discussions around Energy Transition and Climate Action, hosted by the Economic Development Board (EDB) under the Francophonie and Commonwealth Pavillons.

At Omnicane, we are fully committed to crystallising the energy transition of Mauritius and contributing to the Government’s 2030 renewable energy and greenhouse gas reduction targets. We are committed to generating 100% of renewable energy within our power plants by 2030, achieved through the use of sustainable and traceable biomass.

Click on the link below to gain insight into Omnicane’s innovative energy transition journey towards decarbonisation: