PwC Sustainability Award 2023

Omnicane Limited wins prestigious PwC Sustainability Award 2023

PwC Sustainability Award 2023We are thrilled to announce that Omnicane has been honoured with the esteemed PwC Sustainability Award 2023 in the Agro-industry category.

This recognition reflects our unwavering commitment to sustainability, beyond financial disclosures, and aligns perfectly with our mission to drive positive change for a brighter, greener future.

At Omnicane, we understand that sustainability is not an option; it's a necessity for our nation and our business. We are proud to be recognised for our efforts and will continue to lead the way in sustainable practices.

A big thank you to the National Committee on Corporate Governance (NCCG) for sponsoring this award, and to our dedicated team for their relentless pursuit of sustainability. Together, we're making a difference, today and for generations to come.